Energy and money saving alliance

The Arctic Energy Alliance has energy-saving incentive programs for businesses and homeowners. The Energy Efficiency Incentive Program (EEIP) offers rebates to Northerners who buy more energy efficient washing machines, fridges, wood stoves, furnaces and boilers, home insulation as well as LED lightbulbs. This saves money on energy costs and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

The Commercial Energy Conservation and Efficiency Program helps businesses make money-saving upgrades that reduce the amount of heating fuel, electricity and water they use. According to Mark Heyck, executive director of Arctic Energy Alliance, solar panels and heating systems such as wood pellet boilers are the most common types of alternative energy that businesses use in the NWT. “In both cases, a well-planned system can reduce energy costs, and the savings will typically mean the system will pay for itself within a few years.” But one of the first steps that businesses can take to lower their energy bills is by improving their building’s energy efficiency with measures such as switching to LED lighting, improving heating and ventilation systems and upgrading water heating systems. The Arctic Energy Alliance can provide free building energy audits to help businesses find opportunities for the greatest savings at the lowest cost. “The best bang for the buck will depend on the opportunities that exist in a particular building. As an example, one business spent approximately $12,000 to change its fluorescent lighting to more efficient LEDs, and will save an estimated $9,000 a year. That project will pay for itself in a little more than a year. Another business installed solar panels at a cost of approximately $17,500, and will save an estimated $1,400 a year. That system will pay for itself in roughly 12.5 years.”

Arctic Energy Alliance:www.aea.nt.

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